Fajitas, Friends and Fun

Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, last night was all I expected it to be and more.  A much needed bonding with my girls.  So happy we were all in one city for one night.  We caught up on each others lives, laughed, and wished the night could have lasted longer.  We all have a good habit of giving our stuff away.  When someone compliments the other on a piece of jewelry, belt, perfume, etc. - we usually just give it to them.  I'm still complimenting Chris on her Liberty of Lincoln Bike, she still hasn't gotten the hint.  Until next time here is a glimpse of the memories we made.
 Myself, Chris, Deb, Shan and Christy
 Christy and Shan
 Chris....Rock Star 
 Rock Star's Rockin Shoes.  Love them. 
 Back Drop 
 My beautiful friends. 
 Yummy Fajitas 
 In remembrance of our Chili Days. 
My Valentine Treats for the girls. 


  1. Looks like lots of fun. Nothing better than Girls Nights!

  2. Thanks for being the collector of memories for us Sher.... don't forget to give me a copy of the pictures. I love you!!!! oxoxo


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