Thursday, December 29, 2011

I was going to post my Christmas pics but I can't find them on this computer.
So I will post some of my girlfriend groups  &
 my "bucket list" for 2012. That sounds better than resolutions. 
Here goes.
1. More quiet time with God.
2. More dates with my husband.
3. Less Food - More Exercise 
4.  More time with my parents and the golden girls.
5. Listen when people talk - look them in the eyes.
6.  Smile more.
7.  Read more.
8. Dance!
9. Several road trips to Tallahassee
10. The Pearl Event - Nashville, TN
11. Just say no! And not feel bad about it.
12. More charity work, less volunteering.
13. More girl dates with my favorite girl.
14. A Cooking Class with my sister.
15.  Annual Beach Trip in Summer
16.  Lots of Bike Rides 
17.  Take time to smell the roses.

Wishing all my blogger friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
God bless you all. 

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