Old Fashion Snail Mail

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why are we so busy that we don't send cards/letters anymore?
The internet has totally changed our lives.
While Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are fun and
an awesome way to meet and communicate with people online....
I miss getting letters and cards in the mail
I miss sending them too
I use to be the best at sending cards,
letters, articles, etc
now it seems I'm doing good to
send a birthday card
The only real cards I mail are
Christmas cards
Even the amount of Christmas cards we received this
year was substantially less
The last party invite we received was online too

I like handwriting too
Fancy and Neat handwriting
You can't see a person's handwriting online

I also have a "pen" weakness
I can't ever pass up a cute pen
Now it's time to put my cute pens to work

On my "list" for 2012 is to send more "snail mail"
I started yesterday with a trip to LifeWay and
purchased some awesome little cards.
Next stop was the post office
Stamps and more Stamps

Now to personalize these cute little cards
and get them in the mail

I'm getting personal in 2012 - how about you?


p.s.  photo via pinterest :)


  1. I miss hand written letters too! Emails are just not the same!
    It used to be so exciting to get a letter in the mail, now I just get loads of junk!
    Last year I tried to be better about sending little cards and quick notes through the mail. maybe I can continue my trend through this year!
    And as far as Christmas cards go, I think we received about 15 less this year than we did the year before! :(

  2. That was one of my 30-before-30 things and so far I am doing well :)

  3. I'm so with you. I just had a birthday last week and would you believe I only received two cards in the mail? Both were from mother-in-laws. Even my own mother and sister have stopped sending cards. :( I wrote four handwritten notes this week. It boosted my spirits just to write them. :)


    PS - Thanks for your sweet comment today!


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