High and Low

Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Wednesday was a day of
Highs and Lows
My favorite girl turned 16
My sweet sweet friend was buried
Such a roller-coaster of emotions

The day started off with waking the princess up to
signs and balloons all over her room
and the house
as we always do
smiling as I left her at school
 to friends 
waiting for her
with balloons, baked goods, Chick-fil-a breakfast
and friendship

Home to shower and head to the funeral mass
A sweet mama, wife, daughter and sister
48 years old
3 beautiful daughters
1 loving husband
2 broken hearted parents
6 siblings that all.look.just.a.like 

Was probably the most beautiful
and hardest funeral masses
I've EVER attended

The church was so full it looked
just like a Sunday Mass
no kidding
Hundreds of people
Maybe a thousand

Father Proulx delivered 
an amazing service
like no other
that I've heard
and I hear him just about EVERY Sunday

Back to school to get the princess
Off to dinner with our family of 4
and her Godparents and their sweet boys
Babe's Pizza
The home of the double.decker.yum!!!
Fun celebration with 
great food
amazing cupcakes
fun friends
and wonderful Godparents.

Happy Sweet 16 Princess

Praying for my sweet friends
family and knowing
God will guide them every step
of the way
on this journey
as they mourn the loss
of their mother and wife.

Birthday morning.

Sav and Dad giving her new ride it's first bath :)

My masterpiece :)

Special Sweet 16 Gift
xo Ring

The Birthday Girl

Sav and Cassidy

Sav in her Ford Escape :)

Birthday Kisses

It's Official!



  1. Happy Birthday to Savannah! Looks like it was an extremely special day for your darling princess! You are an amazing Mom, Sheri.:) So sorry to hear about your friend, though. It certainly was a day full of emotion for you. How wonderful for you to be there for everyone, even when some parts of the day were very difficult. Big hugs, dear friend.:) Lori

  2. How very sweet!! Everything looks so fabulous:):)

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and so sorry about the loss of your friend...heartbreaking!!

  4. Oh my goodness... how is another slowey cousin driving! Wow time flies. Love that uncle Steve is teaching her to keep the car looking good from Day 1. He used to do the slide test on my car and I always failed.


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