Happy Happy Weekend

Monday, September 26, 2011

We had such a happy weekend.
So much to be grateful for.
Robert came home on Friday night.
Luckily a few of his buddies rode with him
so he didn't have to drive 4 hours alone.
(it's nice to have friends at the same college from home)
I'm sure he would have been fine but the mama in me is still getting use
to this college stuff.
Can I tell you how awesome it was waking up Saturday morning to everyone
in their own bed.  Bella was even more excited that she woke up in Robert's bed.
That furry little buddy misses him. 
It is such a good feeling to see him doing so well and looking so good.
The highlight of the weekend was the four of us going to mass together.
That's still the hardest part for me - just when I think I'm doing fine,
Sunday Mass rolls around and I get weepy again.
Not this time.....Mass and out to dinner with the four of us made my heart happy.
Steve did the dad thing and added washer fluid to his car, filled it up with gas and help him wax it. 
I stood there looking out the window watching and caught myself smiling.
Of course we had my parents over for a huge brunch which is Robert's favorite gathering.
And it wouldn't be brunch without grandma's grits.
Sunday came pretty quickly but I'll take a short weekend visit anytime.
Was able to give him a great big hug and happy send off with a trunk full of groceries.
Our weekend ended with me giving my favorite girl a pedicure and doing our nails.
Then packing Steve for a trip with clients to Key West (tough job).
So the boys are gone and it's just the four of us girls this week.
Savannah and the two furry ones and I think I'm okay with it.
I just love my little family.

Our weekend in pics from Pinterest.  The slow cooker breakfast casserole was delicious.  If you haven't tried it you should.  I put everything in the slow cooker, went to bed and woke up to an awesome smelling kitchen and a fabulous breakfast.


  1. Doesn't it all change when you see how well they are doing? So glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend with all your family. Last week I was mopey as it was our first week as empty nesters again. Feeling better this week. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Can you believe it's almost October!?! Have a good week. :)

  2. Great photos to go along with your weekend. It's hard to have them go off to college, isn't it?
    So glad you had the weekend together :)


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