Weight Watchers - Week One

Monday, April 22, 2013

Started Weight Watchers this past week
Sunday was 1 week
Down 5.2 pounds
I think I'm off to a good start

It's not even like a diet
just a healthy way of eating

Below is some of the dishes I made this week
I'm posting on instagram if you want to follow along
sherislowey is my instagram name

I've been walking and bike riding as well
Crunches and leg lifts daily

I'm posting here to hold my self accountable
wish me luck! 

 Fruit Smoothie
Strawberries, peaches, 1/2 cup orange juice, fresh squeezed lime
I counted it 5 points
would have used light lemonade to make it less points but I didn't have any

 This is a mixture of honey and Cinnamon that I made
actually taste like tea
drink hot 
it's really good for you 
*see earlier post on blog

 Egg whites with veggies 
Pour the egg white in a muffin tin (with liners)
add any veggies you want
So yummy and ZERO points

 Roasted veggies
Arrange on baking pan
Add your favorite veggies
Spray lightly with light olive oil
Added salt, pepper and garlic
roasted until crisp!  
Seriously could eat these every meal

 Baked fish with seasoning and lemon
Lemon makes everything taste better
I'm not a big fish eater

 Chicken with fresh thyme and rosemary
light dressing to keep it juicy

More roasted veggies
eating these daily

That's a wrap of my first week!


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  2. Good luck Sheri!! 1 week and 5.2 pounds down!! All of your dishes look great, too bad my husband isn't a healthy eater!!!

    Sorry for the double comment, it keeps making me comment as blogger, but I'm wordpress now!!


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