Bread and Wine after a long week!

Friday, May 3, 2013

This has been a very long week
Last night was my first night at home with nothing to do
Well, except cook dinner for the family
Luckily I did that in the crock pot
Made some white rice to go with it 
and ta da - dinner complete
Hurried in my PJ's and headed to my bed
Coffee and this book
was just what I needed
to top the night off 
it rained the entire night

 This is a great book
not so much about the recipes
(however they are good too)
but just good for the soul

I love cooking and serving people
I love hosting parties
and all that goes along with it

I love after we all eat together,
sitting around my table and talking 
and enjoying each other 

I haven't tried my new bread maker yet
 but I'm thinking tonight I will
It's still raining like crazy 
but I'm not complaining one bit

happy weekend blogger friends 


  1. Have a great weekend Sheri! I love a good rainy day to kick back and do nothing :)

  2. Love this book! I blogged about some of the recipes that I've tried so stop by when you get a minute, dear friend. :) Lori


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