Thursday, December 29, 2011

I was going to post my Christmas pics but I can't find them on this computer.
So I will post some of my girlfriend groups  &
 my "bucket list" for 2012. That sounds better than resolutions. 
Here goes.
1. More quiet time with God.
2. More dates with my husband.
3. Less Food - More Exercise 
4.  More time with my parents and the golden girls.
5. Listen when people talk - look them in the eyes.
6.  Smile more.
7.  Read more.
8. Dance!
9. Several road trips to Tallahassee
10. The Pearl Event - Nashville, TN
11. Just say no! And not feel bad about it.
12. More charity work, less volunteering.
13. More girl dates with my favorite girl.
14. A Cooking Class with my sister.
15.  Annual Beach Trip in Summer
16.  Lots of Bike Rides 
17.  Take time to smell the roses.

Wishing all my blogger friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
God bless you all. 

Christmas Cards - check!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Finally got my Christmas Cards Ordered.
With my favorite boy being away at college,
my cards are going out a bit late this year.
I'm usually ready to mail Dec. 1st.
My how things change.
Such a happy mamma to wake up with everyone in their own beds.
I think I fell asleep before I finished my prayers last night.....smiling :)

Christmas Decor and My Favorite Ladies

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, other than having my favorite boy home, I'm ready for CHRISTmas.
(He will be here Wednesday - whooo - hoooo)
The house is decorated.
Recently hosted a dinner party for my "girls night" ladies.
Celebrated the 50th birthday of a fabulous friend.
Of course had to throw a cheer competition or two in the mix.
Looking forward to slowing down a little and focusing on the reason for the season.
Blessing to you my blogger friends.

And did I say congrats - first place - way to go girls.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Enjoyed having all four of us under one roof again.
It sure is nice having my son home from college - even for short visits.

For the first time in 26 years, my mom, sister and aunts did not get to "Black Friday" shop.
Instead we attended a funeral for a very dear family friend.

Saturday Savannah was in a dear friend's Quinceanera.
It was a beautiful event.
I think there is more work to planning one of these than a wedding.
A Quinceanera is a special event when a girl turns 15.
Seriously, Savannah had to practice for 6 months.

Just threw out the last white pumpkin and packed away the turkey's!
Ready to decorate for Christmas.
Not going all out this year.
Keeping it real and simple.
Looking forward to less stress, more family and focusing on
the reason for THE season.

Merry Christmas Season my Blogger Friends.

Giving Thanks

Monday, November 21, 2011

I've come to realize I'm not a very good blogger
I love reading others
I just do not seem to have the time to post
I'm not a good writer like some of my favorite bloggers that I follow
But I can tell you.......I'm a good pinner
I am 100% addicted to Pinterest
I can pin with the best of them
Here's what my week will consist of:
 I have already made these 3 times - they are so good.  Will be making them again Thanksgiving morning.
 I'm totally going to use my left over little white pumpkins from Halloween and zip out some little letters from my Cricket and make some thanks! 
 Love this idea and it will go with my next idea. 
 I'm going to use paper instead and start by writing things I am thankful for.  My family and guests will also have a marker and they can join in writing what they are thankful for.
 Will definitely have one or two of these this week. 
 This is what my cup will look for while I'm black Friday shopping. 

And these are probably two of my favorite pins on Pinterest.  
Thanking God for all our blessings. 
Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends.
And of course, all my photos are from Pinterest! 

Catching Up.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a little behind in the blog world.
I do take a few minutes each day to read my favorites,
Just haven't had much time to post.
Savannah had a wonderful homecoming.
We enjoyed an awesome family weekend in Tallahassee.
Seminole Football.
A little pumpkin carving.
Fall is finally in the air (well some days)
And life is good.
(happy to note my favorite boy got a hair cut and lost 20 pounds since moving to Tally)

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