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Friday, May 31, 2013

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Week via Instagram
1.  3 grad parties this weekend
2.  TGIF
3.  Taco Tuesday - Fish
4.  Red/White/Blue flowers in yard
5. and 6. Memorial Day
7.  Left over steak made a yummy salad
8.  My honey and I celebrating my #50
9.  My birthday outfit 

Happy Weekend Sweet Friends! 


Something To Think About

Monday, May 27, 2013

So I turned 50 on Saturday
Not "new news" to anyone
As I've been celebrating for a month or so
posting 100 pics
eating way too much food
partying like a rock star
(well not really but it sounds good)

but last night I woke up in the middle of the night
could not sleep
thinking that maybe everyone thinks 
that I'm a bragger
that I post too many pictures
that no one really cares what I make for dinner
Or what herbs or flower are in my garden
So, I've been up since 5:00 a.m.
on Memorial Day
a day to sleep in
my mind feels heavy
or maybe it's just middle age 
or maybe it's last night dinner sitting in my stomach :)

I love instagram
I love love love taking pictures
I love all my blogger friends

I don't have many real life friends that blog
I sometimes wonder if they think all I do is brag
I don't have a huge fancy house
It's a home I've decorated and I love
I weigh more than I should 
My kids are not perfect
My husband pretty much is :)
We live a good life but it's far from perfect
I love getting ideas from other bloggers
faith, fashion, decor, food
but I wonder if you are not a blogger 
do you get it?

I read a post from a blogger I follow
a favorite who I miss on IG
she decided to "unplug" .....
something to think about 

Maybe I should be spending more time
with my devotions 
Maybe my energy is not in the right place?

Jesus calling said today
"Seek me first"
"Put me on in the morning, just like you do your clothes"
Do I do that?
Sure, I read my devotion every morning
but do I get just as excited to read it as I 
do to check last night's IG pics ?

Just a lot to think and pray about.

Happy Memorial Day Friends.


Birthday Dinner #50

Cara Box

Friday, May 24, 2013

Okay, this was a cool idea!

My sweet friend Jodi from 

told me about it!

I had the best time with it.

This is the website where you can sign up and all the fun details.

Here is the box I just received from a sweet sweet lady
Anne Marie

She included an anniversary and birthday card which are both this month.
She also included a little letter explaining each item.
The only thing not showing is the Duck Dynasty Mug - 
(it's to the right of the little letter)
She was a complete doll and I LOVED the box.

I'm signing up to do it again next month!

Birthday Week #50

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's my birthday week.
The BIG 5-0

The celebration started in March with my Chili girlfriends - met in Winter Park for their annual art festival

Friday I had a massage and pedi at the spa with one of my BFF's - much needed

Sunday my favorite cousin and I who also just turned 50 partied like Rock Stars
Jackie and I grew up together
never in the same state
but spent summers together
She has been battling cancer for over a year
she is a fighter
and a believer
Please keep her in your prayers

This coming weekend will be a celebration with my immediate family - love them so much

God is so good and I'm so blessed! 

Taco Tuesday - Greek Style

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taco Tuesday - Greek Style 

1 package of lean ground turkey
Greek seasoning
Greek sour cream spread 
Green Olives
Black Olives
Feta Cheese 
Sweet Red Peppers 

I scrambled the turkey in a frying pan
It produced NO fat at all.
Added a little water and the Greek seasoning and feta cheese

Cut up all the other ingredients 
Served with warm tortillas

They were great!
Probably my favorite Taco Tuesday yet!

Italian Inspired

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Found these images on Pinterest

Inspired me to give it a try
Purchased everything I needed at Publix
Going to give it a try tomorrow night!

Tonight is Taco Tuesday 
This week on the Menu is 
Greek Tacos
Stay tuned.......

Happy 22

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturday we celebrated our 
22nd wedding anniversary

A full day celebration

Started at our favorite place
Mazzaro's Italian Market
for brunch

Then headed downtown St. Pete
Walked around, shopped a little
Had snacks and drinks at the Pier

Headed back to the Tampa area
drove around Bayshore 
Dinner in South Tampa
(NOTHING to brag about ) 

Over to Channelside for dessert
(SOMETHING to brag about)
LeMouton Noir
Chocolate Croissants
(and no that was NOT on Weight Watchers)

Ended the night at Barnes and Noble

Fun, fun day!

I am totally blessed by my sweet sweet husband
He is a wonderful husband, great father, Man of God 
and I am so blessed he is mine. 

yes, we did get a parking ticket - lol 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

She was tiny
She was beautiful
She was fierce

She still is

My sweet Savannah girl

Happy Happy 17th Birthday
May God bless you with an amazing year ahead.

Dad, Robert and I love you very much
So proud of your dedication to your grades this year
It certainly paid off
Job well done

First Birthday - All ruffles and bows! 

Her best buddy Bella - she's never too far from her side.

Sav and Bella on Easter

My beautiful princess

Happy Birthday Sav 


Trying to keep Weight Watchers tasty

Monday, May 6, 2013

In an effort to keep weight watchers tasty,
I tweaked an old recipe that was totally 
not weight watchers

1 small package turkey sausage
1/2 box of bow tie pasta
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 can low sodium corn
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can low sodium chicken broth 
salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic

I boiled the pasta - drained most of the water
add all other ingredients

Bake the turkey sausage in the oven - I removed the casing from the links and cut into small pieces before baking - when it finished baking I rinsed under water to remove all possible fat.

Add the sausage to the soup and simmer
 for about 30 minutes 
after it all simmered together I added 1/2 container (small) of fat free sour cream - it will melt immediately and thicken the soup. 

If I figured right, there are 8 weight watchers points in a cup - add a toss salad and I was full !

Hope you like it as much as I did.

Bread and Wine after a long week!

Friday, May 3, 2013

This has been a very long week
Last night was my first night at home with nothing to do
Well, except cook dinner for the family
Luckily I did that in the crock pot
Made some white rice to go with it 
and ta da - dinner complete
Hurried in my PJ's and headed to my bed
Coffee and this book
was just what I needed
to top the night off 
it rained the entire night

 This is a great book
not so much about the recipes
(however they are good too)
but just good for the soul

I love cooking and serving people
I love hosting parties
and all that goes along with it

I love after we all eat together,
sitting around my table and talking 
and enjoying each other 

I haven't tried my new bread maker yet
 but I'm thinking tonight I will
It's still raining like crazy 
but I'm not complaining one bit

happy weekend blogger friends 

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