Something To Think About

Monday, May 27, 2013

So I turned 50 on Saturday
Not "new news" to anyone
As I've been celebrating for a month or so
posting 100 pics
eating way too much food
partying like a rock star
(well not really but it sounds good)

but last night I woke up in the middle of the night
could not sleep
thinking that maybe everyone thinks 
that I'm a bragger
that I post too many pictures
that no one really cares what I make for dinner
Or what herbs or flower are in my garden
So, I've been up since 5:00 a.m.
on Memorial Day
a day to sleep in
my mind feels heavy
or maybe it's just middle age 
or maybe it's last night dinner sitting in my stomach :)

I love instagram
I love love love taking pictures
I love all my blogger friends

I don't have many real life friends that blog
I sometimes wonder if they think all I do is brag
I don't have a huge fancy house
It's a home I've decorated and I love
I weigh more than I should 
My kids are not perfect
My husband pretty much is :)
We live a good life but it's far from perfect
I love getting ideas from other bloggers
faith, fashion, decor, food
but I wonder if you are not a blogger 
do you get it?

I read a post from a blogger I follow
a favorite who I miss on IG
she decided to "unplug" .....
something to think about 

Maybe I should be spending more time
with my devotions 
Maybe my energy is not in the right place?

Jesus calling said today
"Seek me first"
"Put me on in the morning, just like you do your clothes"
Do I do that?
Sure, I read my devotion every morning
but do I get just as excited to read it as I 
do to check last night's IG pics ?

Just a lot to think and pray about.

Happy Memorial Day Friends.


Birthday Dinner #50


  1. Thoughts....I'm a real life friend who doesn't blog...and I STILL say I want to be you when I grow up! Not because of all the "things" you may have, or because you have a perfect life. Those of us who REALLY know you, know that you have passion...a passion for Christ, for your family, and for the beauty around you. I love the fact that you share that passion with us through your pictures and through your words. Your light shines my friend! Don't let Satan "blow that out". ;-) Keep on blogging and posting those pics. We will keep enjoying them right along with you. Love you!!

  2. I love all the cool things about you! Just saying! Keep sharing, you're a wonderful influence! Happy birthday a little late :)

  3. I'm with Jennifer love seeing your photos and the finds you share! Life is about sharing and loving what you do and that is what you are about! Keep doing what you enjoy and sharing!

  4. I am your blogger friend and I love seeing what is going on in your life, what your eating for dinner, and what your crafting; that's the only way I know your ok. I agree with the other girls, life is about sharing and loving what you do; so I say PLEASE keep sharing. :)

    Love ya, girlie!

    ps....we really need to get some chit chat time in. :)

  5. I've met so many friends through blogging, Sheri- including you! :) I've even vacationed with a few of them- gasp! They are precious people I never would have met on my own. Sadly, most of them have gone over to the "dark side" (facebook)- lol! I used to get 25+ comments a day on my blog and I do miss that, but more than anything I miss them sharing their lives and faith with me. Blogs are more personal and do require more time, but I feel that it's so much more meaningful and personal. Oh, the swaps we participated in! The gifts and cards that used to bless my heart when I was struggling... It feels a bit like high school and many have gone off to college, while I stayed home.:( Of course, we still keep in touch, but the (almost) every day posts were such a blessing to me. Just my two cents, Sheri. God knows your heart and how much you do bless others through your blog and friendship. I hope you don't leave me and go off to college... yet, dear friend. <3 Lori

  6. Thank you sweet friends. Love you all. xoxo

  7. I feel this way all the people probably don't care what I do that day or that my kid graduates from preschool....but this is my baby book for my children, so that is why I post all of those things and it makes me happy. It is your keep on posting about whatever makes you happy!!!

  8. 50 never looked better!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Sheri, Hope you're doing okay! I sometimes get sad that more of my family doesn't read my blog, but I just keep pressing on. I check in on your blog periodically and I miss you!

  10. Happy, happy 50th, Sheri! I think all bloggers wonder 'why' and 'should I continue' from time to time. I actually enjoy time away from my blog here and there so I can devote more time to other things and people but it's always nice to return refreshed with new ideas to get 'down on paper'. I always seem to lose followers when I post something of a personal nature but I also like doing that as family members can see what we're up but as a general rule they don't read my blog and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's amazing how much time reading blogs can eat up out of the day or night. Just do what you love. Post what interests you. You're fabulous! xoxo


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