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Friday, May 24, 2013

Okay, this was a cool idea!

My sweet friend Jodi from 

told me about it!

I had the best time with it.

This is the website where you can sign up and all the fun details.

Here is the box I just received from a sweet sweet lady
Anne Marie

She included an anniversary and birthday card which are both this month.
She also included a little letter explaining each item.
The only thing not showing is the Duck Dynasty Mug - 
(it's to the right of the little letter)
She was a complete doll and I LOVED the box.

I'm signing up to do it again next month!


  1. Fabulous!!! I remember when I used to do 4 swaps at a time- and even host them! I thought those days were gone.:( Thanks for sharing, Sheri! I just signed myself up!:) Lori

  2. Yay - it's so much fun! I hope you love it. Have a blessed weekend sweet friend. xo

  3. It is Shannon - you should try it :)

  4. I'm definitely signing up to do this again next month too!! My match-up was just wonderful :)

  5. Thank you Kym! I am too. Happy Weekend - have fun at the lake :)

  6. Sheri! I'm so glad you loved it! Maybe it's because I'm from Louisiana, but your photo makes everything look more exciting!! Don't forget to take photos of the beignets! Oh, if you didn't know, it's pronounced Ben-yay!


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