Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Sheri
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Bridesmaid at 86?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So last month I went to see the movie Bridesmaid
I thought it was rated PG-13
It was rated "R"
The opening "steamy" scene gave it away.....right away
So, this week I was in a local thrift shop - my favorite one by the way
There were two elderly women at the checkout counter
The older of the two ask the other......Have you seen the movie Bridesmaid?
My ears perked right up
She precedes to tell her about the "steamy" opening scene
I'm now totally eavesdropping
I'm waiting for her to tell her how "bad" it was
Apparently she thought the movie rocked
ah haaaaaa
She precedes to explain the "steamy" scene
And....I'll leave it at that
So, elderly lady number one says.....
"Now Margaret I know you are older than me, how old are you"?
Elderly lady number two says......
"86, how old are you"?
I'm now seriously hiding behind the clothes rack and scared to move for fear of them seeing me
I had my hand over my mouth because I couldn't contain myself
Elderly lady number one decides she needs to see it
and being the good friend she was,
Elderly lady number two volunteered to see it again
At this point, I completely ducked down and snuck to the back of the store
True story.....I couldn't even make that up.

I Heart My Family

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun night for a cookout
Our last night with my niece Kris and the boys
They fly back to CT tomorrow
We love having her home
The boys are adorable and growing so fast
The golden girls (my mom and her sisters) enjoy them so there anything better than family?
 Nana and her boys - golden girl #1  My Mom
 Golden girl #2 - Aunt Betty
 Golden girl #3 - Aunt Jackie
 My boys!  My great nephew Danny and Robert - 1 1/2 months until he leaves for college - I have probably posted that a time or two recently. 
Savannah and Andrew - the sweetest baby ever.

Fun Day In Our Hometown

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes you can have a vacation in your own hometown.
Fun day with Sav and Syd.
Our attempt to keep Syd. busy while they set up for her surprise 15th birthday party.
Ybor City, ChannelSide, University of Tampa
and...a trolly ride.

 Surpirse Syd.  That's her cute boyfriend Nathan on the left.
 Good friends.....good times.
p.s.  This was only a 1/4 of the pictures I took. 

UGA Cheer Camp

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congrats to Savannah and her Team
1st Place
Several All-American Cheerleaders
3 NCA Staff Invitations
Beautiful City
And Bonding Time With My Mom
Awesome Trip
 Girls nominated for All American - that's my Savy front left.
 There she is again - top left.
JV Captains - 2011-2012 (Savy on the left)
 No clue - girls :)
 Varsity and JV
 JV - First Place
 Awesome place to eat in Athens.
 Another yummy place to eat in Athens - we did a lot of eating.
How cute is my mom?
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