An engagement and sweet friends

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last night we had a special celebration
An engagement party for special friends
Karen and Scott
Karen is part of our girls night group
(16 years and going strong)
One of the sweetest friends I have

The text messages started going around about a week ago
Who was going to bring what
What should we do as a gift

About 50 text messages later
the menu was planned
a gift certificate was chosen
the party was set!

I have to admit I started setting up the dining room a week ago
deciding on flowers
color scheme
details :)

Decided on white and silver
classy -vs-  cute
I purchased very nice silver and white paper plates
nice "plastic" silver ware
Adorable "We're Engaged" napkins

Well Friday night, I decided we should not do paper
After texting Barb and Amy about another 50 times
we decided to use my depression glass
Amy's nice silver
And no paper

At midnight, I pulled out the dishes and washed them all
set the tables 
everything was set

Saturday morning I had just a few errands
A photo from Costco that HAD to be framed
more fresh flowers
and  gift certificate from Berns in Tampa
well, after purchasing everything I needed
I headed to Tampa to get the gift certificate
arrived at 1:50  p.m.
they do not sell gift cards until 2:00 p.m. 
are you kidding me?????
I call Mel, and Amy frantic and MAD
Amy sends a text message out to the group
Just by luck Carole is  Tampa
what are the odds?  She lives in Apollo Beach
She was doing a cupcake tasting with her future daughter-in-law
whew... she saved the day
Carole picked up the gift certificate and I headed home

The evening was perfect
everyone brought amazing appetizers to share
Barb brought the photo booth props
Karen and Scott had a great time

There is something about a close group of girls
that just touches my heart
I love them to pieces 
We are so blessed by our small group
At the end of the evening the guys end up outside talking
and you would know every friend at the party 
ends up in the kitchen washing dishes
putting food away
to where it didn't even looked like a party took place
I love that we are so comfortable in each others home

Today the summer cold has gotten the best of me
I am on the couch feet propped up 
with two furry friends on top of me
I just might not get up until tomorrow

Blessings on your day sweet blogger friends.



  1. Looks like a wonderful evening celebrating with friends.

  2. How sweet! I love all your décor and the food and drink looks delish! You are such a fabulous hostess!! :)

    Take care of that cold, summer colds seem to be the worst! I am suffering with allergies here, YUCK!!!



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