Ham/Pineapple Sliders

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ham/Pineapple Sliders 

Here is an easy weeknight dinner,
found on Instagram this week. 

Hawaiian Sweet Roles
Monetary Jack Cheese
Pineapple Jam

Simply put the cheese and ham on the rolls
open face toast them in oven
remove and spread with pineapple jam


You will love it, promise.


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  1. Good morning Miss Sheri! These looks so delicious and I may just make these for breakfast! Thank you for always being such a good blog friend and leaving me comment love! I think it is important for bloggers who may not be "professional" to keep on blogging and to continue relationships established here in this place. Thank you for being a blogger and thank you for being amazing you! I hope you have a very blessed weekend!


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