Staying Stress Free This Holiday Season

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Here are a few tips for staying stress free this holiday season.

Stay Organized/Clean/Prepared 
Take a few minutes each morning and night to do a quick clean up and keep your house tidy in case unannounced friends or family stop by. Keep some cheese, crackers, fruit and wine on hand. It will come in handy and takes little to no effort to serve. 

Wrap It Up
I collect those adorable little white boxes from Anthropologie all year long - they come in handy at Christmas time to just tie some twine or a bow on and you are good to go - and adorable looking too. Wrap as you go, do not wait until the last minute! If all else fails, I've been known to call my mom to help with last minute wrapping.

Give A Little - Get A Little
Almost every store is asking for donations for charities at Christmas time. Every time I go to Publix or Home Goods I always add a few dollars to the total to help families in need and St. Jude's research. You can also adopt families in need or keep items in your car to hand out to homeless people that you see on the streets. Your holidays will be a lot merrier if you GIVE. 

Be sure to meal prep and not leave all the holiday cooking to Christmas morning. Shop the week before Christmas to avoid the last minute shoppers at the grocery store. Be sure to visit Aldi for your cheese and cracker needs. You will thank me for this! They have the best assortments and the best prices.

Party On 
Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends but do not be afraid to say no. You cannot attend every event you are invited to. Don't overbook your calendar and end up stressed and not enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. 

Remember the Reason For The Season
And last but CERTAINLY not least, let's all remember the reason for the season. Without HIM, none of this would matter. 
Happy Birthday Jesus 

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