Listen for His Purpose

Friday, March 4, 2011

It is God who wakes us each morning.  If He didn't keep us alive overnight, it wouldn't matter what kind of an alarm clock we had!  The prophet said, "God wakens me morning by morning, and he wakens me for a purpose so that I can hear; I am like a disciple who is taught". 

Before you even get out of bed, listen to hear what God has to say to you.  It will be a good day if you start it with a ready ear, taking time to listen to Him.  God is eager to reveal today's plan to you.

Who is the man who reverently fears and worships the Lord?  Him shall He teach in the way that he should choose.  he himself shall dwell at ease.....The secret of the Lord have they who fear Him.  Psalm 25:12-14

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