We did it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, we did it, we dropped Robert off at college this weekend.  
Tallahassee .
Have I mentioned before that 4 hours is a long way away.
His apartment is set.
His necessities are set.
His schedule is set.
However, his mother is NOT.
There were cable difficulities, internet difficulties, minor details with the apartment but it's all resolved.
I did really good saying goodbye and praying a lot on the drive home.
So far so good.
UNTIL we got home.....walked in the front door and had a total melt-down.
Nothing could prepare me for it.
I am excited for the new chapter in his life but I already miss him dearly.
I hoping and praying that it is going to get easier.

My sweet family.  
 The book I'm reading now.
 Robert's new apatment.

 The best cupcakes I've ever had. ever.

 What I'm looking forward to at Christmas time. 
Accepting all thoughts, prayers and advice.


  1. what a lovely place Robert is living in now :)

    You will get settled with him being away, just take time :)

  2. I knew that Paige would be the one who could understand the most....and yes, 4hours is a long way....it's also how far we are from one another. But not TOO far that you can't be there by mid morning if need be. Ofcourse I will pray for you and also know that that book will bring you comfort. i love you Sher Bear. oxox

  3. Dear Sheri,

    You are so brave.



  4. I know darling, it is hard especially that first time. Email me if you need emotional reinforcements. :) The apartment is plush! I cannot believe it. You should feel good he will be living in such a nice place. My youngest is 4.5 hours away. Just the right distance for a weekend get-away when you just need that hug. xoxo


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