Death by Chocolate

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today was a sweet friend's 21st birthday
I love this girl like she's my own.

I baked her a cake to celebrate and it was a hit
I totally made it up and several people
 asked me for the recipe
so I thought maybe my blog friends would want it too

1 package of ready to bake chocolate chip
cookies (dairy section)
1 package of brownie mix (mixed just like the box calls for)
chocolate chips
chocolate syrup
chocolate frosting

I placed the cookies on the bottom of the baking dish
next sprinkled about a half of bag of chocolate chips
squirted chocolate syrup
next I mixed up the box brownie mix and poured on top

when it came out of the oven I frosted with a can of chocolate frosting and let it melt

serve warm with vanilla ice cream - soooo yummy.

NOTE:  I had one small bite because
I'm still in the middle of


  1. Sadly, your photo isn't showing up but it sounds amazing. My birthday is in November ... hint, hint :) I'm still laughing over your operationzipthosepants comment! Love it. Way to go you for losing 11 pounds ~ woo hoo!!!


  2. Awe - thanks for letting me know - I fixed the photo. It is yummy - you should try it and thanks so much - I'm actually loving my diet and getting there slowly but surly - :)

  3. I trade you some soup for the chocolate heaven ;)

    Is your email on your blog?


  4. you know what? you are a often i see you taking something for someone
    baking, crafting whatever!
    you must be a joy to those around you. I know you are to me!
    when you get time can you email me your address. I am thinking ahead for christmas..
    at least at the!
    how is the life changes with zip your pants coming? that is SO funny.
    don't you just love instagram?
    and yes...we need to meet in person within the next year!! mandatory:)
    love ya to piecesxo

  5. You are always making something yummy! Love the idea of this chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake!


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