Sketch and Girlfriends

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday night was girls night out.  Spent time sketching and sipping with my best girls. What a great time we had.  We usually spend the evening at someones house or a restaurant but this time we decided to change it up a bit.  Being as we are all "Groupon" followers, we got a DEAL.  $20 for an awesome evening. And we even impressed ourselves a little.
 Tracy was the birthday girl for the month.
 Barb is ready to get started.
 Our wonderful teacher who had a lot of patience with us.
 Carole hard at work.

 Barb and Amy ready to roll.
 Michelle was showing her serious side.
 My paint.
 My canvas.
 Step 1
 Step 2
 Step 3

 My finished product.
 The "Girls Night" dinner group.

 Love these ladies.  Happy 13th Girls Night Anniversary This Year.


  1. How fun and your painting is beautiful!!

  2. I LOVE your painting! OMGosh, scrolling down to see the dandelion fluffs made me gasp! Love the movement and the free feeling. You're so talented. :)

  3. Ahh, looks like a fun time! And, yes, your painting is impressive :-)

  4. Beautiful painting and it looks professional,Sheri. Go Etsy!

    What fun you all must have! You are blessed.

  5. This looks like such fun! What a great night with friends! Lori


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