Favorite Fashions

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't you just love getting
fashion ideas

Don't you also wish you
had it all?

If you go through your closet
and jewelry,
  and match up
some items like your
 boards on pinterest,
you will be surprised
at what you have -
mix and match
and get ready to
rock some summer fashion

Here's a few of my 

All photos via pinterest. 


  1. I love everything you have chosen, Sheri! I am really enjoying going shopping now that I am losing weight. One of each for me, please!:) Lori

  2. yay for you! how much weight have you lost???? are you coming to florida this summer? i sure hope so. xoxo

  3. Love these summer outfits... If I hand over my amex can you stock my closet? :)

  4. You know I can sweet girl. And I will find it all on sale :)

  5. I love that first dress and have been SO tempted to buy it but I am not sure it would look good on me as I am short. I love all these too. I have found that many of the things I pin...I actually do have very similar ensembles. Thanks for your comment a few weeks ago. it is nice to find your blog:)


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