A little Fall Decor

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've decided that it could take a while to cool off
so I did a little Fall/Halloween decorating
with the air turned way down low
it was 95 degrees out today
and yes, I'm complaining 

I'm not buying real pumpkins
until the weather cools down
or Halloween gets here
whichever comes first

I'm so jealous of all the blogs
posting pics of their beautiful front porches
with real pumpkins
corn stalks and such
my hydrangeas are still blooming
they think it's still summer
and I have to admit they are beautiful

Here's a little peek at some of my 
Fall/Halloween decor.

 I did decorate my front door with a fall wreath and some mums

 I made these EEK letters last year,
they are actually really cute,
however, I can't get them to photograph well

 Mixing Halloween and Fall

 My Pottery Barn Halloween Tree
I've had it for 19 years
Purchased it the year Robert was born

 These little glitter buckets from Target this year are adorable
It's not photographing too well either
but each bucket is glitter  - they go perfectly on these glitter plates that I already had

 Glitter bones from last year also - just tied together with some cute ribbon

 Downloaded these cute labels from Martha Stewart

 Love these mean little pumpkins
$1 for all three at the Thrift Store - Score!

And this cute little sign is also full of glitter
from Target - removed the hanger and added the same cute ribbon

Don't you just love the dollar section at Target?

So, hopefully in the next few week I can
add some real pumpkins and the rest of my fall decor.


  1. Cute decor! I have some mums, but not much else yet. I too love all the decor I have seen around, it just seems like just when I get around to decorating, it's almost too late!

    I stay away from the dollar section at Target...I know I will come home with all sorts of stuff! :)

    Take care!

  2. Is it fall? I hadn't noticed with it being in the nineties today. Love your decor. I've got to get mine out. Thanks for the inspiration in this summer weather. Hope you are doing well. xoxo

  3. Playing a little catch up tonight and just had to say I SO KNOW THE FEELING! Having lived in Houston my entire life until now, fall decor never interested me because it was so dang hot! We managed to carve a pumpkin on Halloween day, but cool crisp fall air rarely struck before November. I will say that a real fall has been a treat. I bought pumpkins as soon as I felt a chill in the air and it felt right and good! xoxo!


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