Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Steve and I are both part of a great group of people at our church.  We go to Nativity Catholic Church and we have both traveled The Road to Emmaus.

Steve and his friend Jorge had been talking about "roasting a pig" for a while now.  Friday night I get a text from my sweet friend Judy with this picture.

It's Steve and Jorge stuffing and seasoning their pig.  A real big whole pig.  Totally not what I was expecting.  

So, I call Steve and ask him exactly who is coming to his "pig roast"?  He told me only a couple of his Emmaus Brothers.  They were going to roast the pig in the back yard, have a bonfire and hang out.  

Savannah and I had plans yesterday to shop in Orlando which is about an hour from home.  I decided to make a orzo pasta salad and leave out some chips, salsa, cheese dip, plates, napkins, drinks, etc. before we left. Just in case they wanted something to go with their "pig". 

Sav and I hit the road and start doing some serious Christmas shopping.  Then I get a text..... "what should we bring to the party" - an Emmaus Brother's Wife.....
hmmmmm........ then I get another text asking the same thing.  At this point my heart is starting to race and I call Steve and ask AGAIN - who is coming to the "pig roast".  Well a few of the guys and a few families.  Now I'm in full blown panic.  

I am a total planner.  I like my tables set and decorated.  I like my menu planned.  I like to know when people are arriving.  I like details.

Savannah and I had already hit all the stores she was interested in so we cut the trip a little short and headed home.  

Arrived home AFTER people were already at the house.  So, I go in and see two small tables in the family room set up but NO tablecloths.  Outside he had set up a table with drinks and Ice in the Ice Cart.  A long table set up for food with NO tablecloth.  

I quickly put tablecloths on all the tables, set up the food table, cut lemons for the drinks, etc. etc. - just the little details.

All the other Emmaus families started arriving bringing TONS of food.  We had of course the "Pig" which was outstanding, Yucca, Black Beans and Rice, Mac and Cheese, Salad, Orzo Pasta Salad, and tons of desserts.

The menu wasn't exactly planned, the set up wasn't what I would have done if I planned, everything wasn't "perfect" but it was a wonderful night.  A few of the women found out about how the "party" was planned and they felt as "panicked" as I did.  Everyone joked all night about how we were having a party that I didn't know about.

God works in funny ways.  These friends from church are like family.  They didn't care if everything was set up perfect.  They didn't care if the menu was planned and coordinated.  We just had a wonderful time together with wonderful food.  

We all joined hands, my sweet husband led us in prayer and I had to smile at how his "casual pig roast" ended up.

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”
C.S. Lewis


  1. It sounds like the night turned out perfectly just the way it was! Funny how we stress ourselves out over all those little things that really don't even matter :)
    Merry Christmas Sheri!

  2. Love this. All the guys prep work was done, tables, chairs, ice... many years of training. What a great dinner and how great for the evening to be about the people and the fellowship instead of the details. Proud of you for living in the moment. I would have been so stressed!


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