It's not ALL going to happen

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Every year I think I'm going to start earlier
Every year I think I'm going to be super woman/mom
Every year I think I'll be a little more organized
Every year it just doesn't happen

I wanted to shop more with my mom
Wanted to host a cookie exchange or pinterest party
Wanted to watch more Christmas movies with Savnanah

I have come to realize that sometimes ALL my plans are not going to work out

I quickly snapped some pics of the kids when Robert was home for Thanksgiving
Realized after he left that I forgot to have our sweet doggies in the pics
So, our Christmas Cards are minus the dogs
And, for the first time, I didn't even see them
 until I picked them up
Savannah did them for me
Picked the card out
Created the card
Ordered the cards
She did a great job
I would have picked a religious card, but it's all good
Just thankful that she did them for me

We are hosting Christmas Eve for Steve's family
35 people for dinner
I had visions of the centerpieces
Treats on every plate
Even thought about painting my baseboards in the family room
(my OCD problems)
but most of that probably won't happen 

My niece is coming from CT with her 3 boys
Another sweet niece from TX with her husband
Hopefully Aunt Jackie is coming home from
Physical Therapy Rehab 
And I want to spend time with them
I want to sleep past 8 a.m.
I want to have a PJ day
I want to spend MORE time on my morning devotion

There is not many days left until Christmas
I'm going to take a deep breath and finish my shopping
Watch a Christmas Movie
Hang out with my family
And bake Jesus a birthday cake

Galatians 6:9
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

(all pics via pinterest)


  1. Amen. It is tough to realize that we will never conquer it all, but finding joy in what we do get to do is the real prize. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Take a deep breath! I am the exact same way, I totally feel what you are going through. I just wish there were atleast 10 of me and about 24 more hours in the day!

    I struggle with trying do everything, I want it to be perfect, I want to be the super MOM and be there for Beka and do the movies and the cookies and EVERYTHING! I end up feeling like a failure, but I have to talk myself out of it and realize I can't do it all.

    Hugs dear friend, it all works out and we will have a joyous holiday with our family and friends. We are together and healthy and thats all the matters!
    Talk to you soon! Text me if you have time! (wink wink) ;)
    ps...I love the comment about painting the baseboards...that is so me! One year I was getting ready to put up the tree and ended up painting the dining room! :) LOL

  3. Aunt Sheri - you will not paint your baseboards!!!! Not when family is in town and you have quality time to share with them making memories. Your home is already gorgeous and Christmas Eve will be great. I hope you enjoy the next few weeks with a full house. Love you & see you soon!

  4. EXACTLY! There is never enough time for all we want to do! I love the nap quote....I need to remember that sometimes!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!


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