Pretty Positive I have the Best Parents Ever

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm not sure how I got so lucky when it comes to parents
Sorry, but I'm pretty sure mine are the best ever
They are both in their 70's and in good health
They are both beautiful inside and out
They have been involved in my life
and my kids life

They have picked up my kids from school
Sat at my house waiting on repairmen
Cooked dinners on a long work day
Attended little league baseball games,
high school football and baseball games,
cheerleading competitions, middle school musicals,
grandparents day at school
on and on and on

They are still in love after 50+ years of marriage
they grocery shop together
doctor appointments together
work in their yard together
on and on and on

When I count my blessings they are right at the top.


  1. Love your mom doing the pouty lip pucker with your sweet girl! Priceless! You are right! You have awesome parents!

  2. You are right Sheri, you have wonderful parents. You and Sue have been blessed.They sure take beautiful pictures too. love you

  3. So this is the reason YOU are such an awesome had this kind of role model. Well, Im thankful....because You have been MY role model. I think you are do have the very best parents. Blessed indeed. love you Sher Bear!!

  4. This is the sweetest post! Your parents are awesome!


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