Class Ring, Grandparents and Cheerleading

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Junior Year is a big year of high school
I want it to slow down 
It's going to fast!

Savannah had her Class Ring Mass and Ceremony this week
She also had another cheer competition
And grandparents day at school

She is scheduling the ACT and SAT test
which means college is one step closer

How do they go from age 5 to Junior year so fast?


  1. Great pictures you got Sheri!! She is such a beautiful young lady. I don't like hearing how fast they grow, I really want mine to stay little forever ;)

  2. Sheri~ Sav is such a lovely girl, I just love her sweet smile! I know what you mean...where does the time go??? It's crazy.

  3. Class rings are so pretty now! She is lovely, I bet you are one proud mama!

  4. I know you guys are so proud of your sweet girl! I miss and love all of you. LJ

  5. Awww.. I remember ring day at my all girl Catholic school. I totally know what you mean about the time FLYING! your daughter seems like such a sweet girl. Blessings!


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