Yoga and Such

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I went to my very first Yoga class last night
it was
Relaxation Yoga
90 minutes
pure heaven
I actually dozed off at one point
I know that's hard for you all to believe
I snorted or something and woke myself up
no kidding
I'm going back tonight for round two
this time it's not relaxation
it's the real deal

I have wanted to try Yoga at a "real" yoga studio for about a year
I think I have found a new love
it's so different than setting my computer up on a chair
watching you-tube
trying to keep my dogs off of my yoga mat
the wrong scent of candle
on and on
it just didnt' cut it
but this little studio - oh yes, we will be BFF's
I just have a feeling

(this is not me but I'm hoping to do that one day ;)

I started using doTERRA oils
a few months back
Have you ever tried them?
I honestly LOVE them
I'm actually thinking about selling them

(these are the oils I'm using and thinking of selling - I truly love them)

Here are a few ways to use them:

Put a few drops with your detergent in your dishwasher to avoid spots on your dishes
Put a few drops on a warm rag and disinfect your butcher block and cutting boards  
Put a few drops in a cup of water and boil in microwave for 5 minutes for a clean smelling kitchen
Put a drop in your night time face cleaner to brighten your skin

Rub the lavender oil in the palm of your hands and feet for calming effect
Rub lavender oil on chapped
 and sunburned lips
Put a few drops in your laundry detergent when washing linens and bedding
Put a drop in your hands and rub on your sleeping pillow - very soothing

Inhale the bottle of peppermint to help with concentration
Rub a drop of peppermint oil on your temples and back of neck for headache relief
Put a drop in your morning bottle of water for energy
Peppermint also boost your mood and fights fatigue

Those are just a few areas I have tried them.
I am truly loving them.

(pics via pinterest)


  1. I use to go to a wonderful yoga studio in Austin, Texas call Yoga, Yoga that I loved. It was so refreshing and ingorating and relaxing all at the same time. I learned to do postures to their maxium benefit because I had a yogi or an instructor adjusting my body in each pose. It's been long time since I have done yoga and would love to find a studio here. I agree, it's not the same in your own home. Have fun!

  2. How fun....I think i would really like relaxation yoga! I would love to try yoga, but here in our little town, there is nothing! Although, my niece just became a certified yoga instructor, maybe she could give me some pointers when she is home. :)

    The oils sound interesting, I love all natural oils and scents.

    Take care, girlie! Hope you are well. I have been meaning to send you a e-mail or text lately, but we have been super busy at work lately and when I get home, I hate to bug you with a text!

    Talk soon! :)

  3. Hi. Good luck in your yoga class. I find I have a difficult time quieting my mind. I usually fall asleep during massages though, believe it or not, so I understand the relaxation factor. Pilates is on my 'to do' list. Keep us informed how it goes.

    Love the idea of scented oils. I read that smelling grapefruit oil is a good appetite suppressant. If you sell grapefruit scent, let me know! :)


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