Happy Heart Month

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow, 2013 is off and running
Where did January go?
Does it seem the older we get the quicker time passes?

February is a happy month
Valentine Day, Start of Lent and the Florida State Fair
(Cheesy but I still love the fair)

Still deciding what I'm giving up for Lent
AND what I'm going to work on

I think I will once again do the 40 bags in 40 days

What are you giving up?

 This is going to be my ONE Valentine craft this year

And I would really LOVE to make this

And this has nothing to do with my post I just thought it was so fitting :)



(all pics via pinterest)


  1. Good Morning Sheri! It does seem that January went speeding by although at the time that we were in it, it almost seemed like it would never end ;-). I know February will rocket by too. I can't believe Lent is upon us! I grew up going ot Catholic schools and as a child I really always thought Lent was such a sad, sad time. The approach of Lent still brings that same anxiety for me. I have found, however, as an adult that while I am in Lent I find it a very introspective and peaceful time. I hope that your February is filled with much love and peace and joy too.

  2. That card garland is adorable...next year!


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