Thursday, March 14, 2013

Linking up with

for InstaFriday

Cute little St. Patrick Treats
for my sweets

My St. Patrick's outfit
where else can you wear a scarf, windbreaker and sandals

My sweet work Savanna
She was the Irish Princess
Adorable right?

These are my Chili Girls
We worked together in the 80's
at Chili's Restaurant
We like to refer to ourselves as
The Redhot Chili Peppers
I'm turning 50 in May
This is the first of many celebrations
Winter Park for the Art Festival
We all have smaller hair now :)

Happy Weekend Blogger Friends


  1. Love the hair comment about your chili's girls. You mean we don't have to stock up on white rain anymore?!? There is still alot of big hair out here in Texas. They didn't get the memo in 1995 to lay off the tease!

  2. I remember the big hair... Back in the Camaro days!


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