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Friday, March 1, 2013

Linking up with  Life Rearranged



Here's my week in instagram

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I'm "sherislowey"

1.  Comfy Friday on the Couch
2.  My diet coke replacement - orange and lemon water
3. Michael's goodies
4.  Frozen Yogurt with Boba
5.  Sav and Grandma
6.  My yummy Greek Salad
7.  Hi Bella
8.  Eggs with garden grown tomatoes and cilantro
9.  Favorite wall in my house

How did your week look?

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  1. Hey girlie! Hope you are doing well, we haven't chatted in a while. We had a great week with hunny's always nice to have him home; things kind of get back to normal. :)

    Take care! xo


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