UNF - Another college visit!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

this weekend we visited another college
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL
3 1/2 hours from home
beautiful campus
a little far :(
but home to a close family friend :)

Jake, Josh and Sav upon arrival.
(Josh in the middle attends UNF)

Up bright and early the next day for the school tour! 

Walking the beautiful campus. 

Sav's favorite place on earth
This could be a deal closer as the ones in our area have closed!

Another view around the campus

Josh's dorm - not real girlie but we did get to visit a
 friend of his that was definitely a girl room :)

These little guys were all over campus - are they not the cutest?

Josh with his roommate Bill, his friend Jill, Jake and Sav


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