Happy New Year - A Baptism, A New Beginning

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last night we rocked the house of Jesus.
Witnessed a Baptism at MIDNIGHT
A life long friend.
My husband's  friend from childhood was baptized.
Another childhood friend was the pastor.
His little "rocking" church.
Submerged under water.
(a little different for us Catholic folks)  
An hour and half from home.
A foggy drive all.the.way.there.
But wow, is all I can say.
What an experience.
What a way to bring in the New Year.
We sang, we prayed, we hugged it out.
Then they served us  breakfast.
Right in the basement of the little church.
Tin pans and paper plates.
Eggs, Grits and Bacon never tasted so good.
Happy New Year and May God Bless You All BIG.


   The church.

 Pastor Williams
     My husband and some little girls from the church.
     My sweet husband and a new friend.
     A welcoming church!
     Here we go!

     Praise God.
     Lifelong friends.
      With his daddy.
                  And his step mom. Does he look refreshed or what?
    The whole gang who came to witness.
                Some happy men right there.

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  1. That there......is a beautiful thing. Anytime one of us dedicates our life to Christ...well, it's all good. So happy for Steve and steve...how awesome to be apart of something so good. ox


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