Relax a little - it's a new year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This morning started off on a good note.
Sav got up on time, got ready on time
got in the car happy!
They don't all start this way.
We have a 30 minute drive.
We left an hour before school started
to stop and get breakfast.
That didn't happen.
It was SLIGHTLY raining.
5 wrecks from our house to school.
She literally had 4 minutes to get to class
without breakfast.
As I started to panic a bit
Sav reminded me that there was nothing we could do about it
To chill.  No lie.
She also reminded me that it's a new semester
so it really didn't matter if she was tardy
Awe to be 15 and stress free.
So after she got out of the car I laughed
and agreed that there really was nothing I could do
and did it really matter if she was 5 minutes late
other than she would miss morning prayer at school :) ?

My new years resolution was to slow down
not sweat the small stuff
quit being so busy

I think God may have been reminding me this morning

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  1. Wow. This quote really rocked me. So, so true. Thanks, Sheri. Lori


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