Brass Tap

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So proud of my hardworking hubby
He and his two partners created a Craft Beer Bar
A few years ago

After being in the restaurant business for the last 19+ years

They felt the need to experiment and expand so to speak

Last week several articles were posted about their new "marriage"  with Beef O'Brady's

you can read about them here:

So, hopefully there will be a Brass Tap coming to one of your neighborhoods soon.  They plan to expand the franchise throughout the United States and other countries.

The first picture is Jeff and Steve, my husband.  Not sure what he is doing with his hand :)
The second pic is some of the taps.
The third pic is from the friends and family opening at the newest Brass Tap in Trinity.

This was a free advertisement by a very proud wife :)



  1. That is awesome. My husband would love a place like that as he likes to try all kinds of beers (and did a homebrewing stint year ago)

  2. Thanks Kim - maybe there will be one near you soon. Or if your ever in Florida you can visit us :) It makes me laugh that my husband does not drink at all and he owns restaurants and now beer bars - happy 4th - have a blessed day!

  3. You should be proud, Sheri! What a wonderful accomplishment for your husband! Looks like your husband may be doing the Arsenio Hall fist pump.:) Lori


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