Craft Night

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here's a quick look at two cute wreaths my mom and I made last night. 

Her wreath
We started with a grapevine wreath  that we already had
The "J" is a small metal sign from Michael's
The ribbon is also from Michael's 
Using a 25% off coupon made it $8.50
We took a small piece of wire and attached the sign to the wreath
My mom hand made the bow and we also wired it to the wreath
covering up the top wire of the sign.
So easy and she loved it.
Total Wreath = $9.50

My Wreath
I found these two Lemon Wreath's at Kirklands
They were originally $7.99 each
Marked down to $4.99 each 
and then 1/2 off of that
I loved the wreath but knew it was too 
small for my door
so I decided to buy two of them 
and see what I could do
I found the yellow and white ribbon at Michael's
again with a 25% off coupon - $7.50
We took thin wire to connect the two wreaths
My mom again hand made the two bows
This time we actually hot glued them to the wreaths.
Added a small ribbon to hang on the wreath hanger
And there you have it.
Total = $12.50
And I love it.
Lemon's are my thing and our home is yellow 
so it's perfect.

Sorry for the less than quality photos,
they are from my phone
and at night 
but I was excited to show you.


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