Bucket List for Summer 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crossed off another item on my bucket list
Summer 2012

 This is my 2012 Summer Bucket List - found the idea on Pinterest.  
I wrote on the clothes pens.  
When an event is complete I simply
un-clip the clothes pen 
and put it inside the little bucket.  

 Pics from our day.  
My hunny, Savannah and 
our friends the Bonce's 
collected two full buckets of scallops.
After scalloping, the girls went for a long tube ride.

Judy prepared the scallops last night with her own secret sauce.

Great day and night with great friends.
Summer 2012 



  1. That is the coolest thing- ever! Wow, Sheri! I am impressed! I love scallops and can only imagine how good they tasted after harvesting them yourself.:) Lori

  2. We love summer lists as well! So much fun marking them off (or putting them in the bucket)! Looks great!

  3. that is such a cute idea for a summer fun list! looks like you guys had a great time catching them and eating them ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, fresh scallops! I can't imagine! My mouth is watering just thinking about that! :)

  5. I have never had fresh scallops...can only imagine the wondefullness of them...is that a word? Anyway, I also like the bucket list idea with the clothespins...very clever!

  6. Love the bucket list idea! I've never gone scalloping but I have had fresh scallops ... yummy! Your photos are beautiful.


  7. I though scallops came from the store. ;). I can't imagine how fun this musy have been to hunt for your own and all those wonderful shells! I am craving that pasta dish now! :)

  8. Ha! That's a much happier way of fulfilling a bucket list, I like it! Glad you got to enjoy scalloping :)


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